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Science should be able to provide information when it comes to current political issues:

»Who elected whom and why…in the East, in the West, at the federal level, in Europe?« »How stable is the coming coalition? And is a minority government legitimate?« »Should populists be allowed to participate in government?« »Is the German electoral system (still) any good?« »Are West Germans overrepresented in the political system?« »Why are protests so frequent in the East?« »Is our society still capable of democracy?«

A small sample of questions I am happy to answer: in television programs (including ARD, ZDF and MDR) as well as in numerous radio stations and print formats.

Panels, Podiums and Podcasts

In the scholarly arena, issues concerning the relationship between politics, the state, and law are coming to the fore. Often, the focus is on constitutional jurisdiction.

Recent examples include the panel discussion on the 70th anniversary year of the Federal Constitutional Court at KAS or the conversation on the relationship between the BVerfG and the ECJ at Verfassungsblog Verfassungsblog.

A matter close to my heart is the»Working Group on Politics and Law« (DVPW), in which I actively participate. It pursues the goal of a deeper dialogue between political science, jurisprudence, and the public.

Since its founding (2013), the AK has been highly active, organizing workshops, meetings, and conferences (often in cooperation with other organizations) or participating in congresses and panels.

One example is the Fifth Congress of the German-speaking Sociology of Law Association in Innsbruck, September 2023.

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